Vocal Ensembles


This is a choir for children in Years 3-6 and is conducted by Kate McFarlane.  Rise has been running since 2009 and in that time has enjoyed great success at local performances and choral competitions.

The singers in this group are all fun-loving, friendly kids who love to sing contemporary, jazz and gospel styles of music.

This is a fantastic group for young singers who want to develop their voices, confidence and harmonizing skills.


This group is for students in Years 7-9 and is conducted by Jodi Swiggs.  Flame was a new group in 2012 and in their first year put on a fantastic performance at our end of year concert.

Flame is designed to continue the development of harmonisation and performance skills and prepare students for the senior group once they get to Year 10.

We sing a variety of styles with a focus on contemporary popular, jazz and gospel.  All the music is chosen carefully so that the students can relate to it and perform it with pride and passion.

We look forward to growing this group further in 2013.



Our most senior ensemble is for students from Years 10 to 12, combined with vocalists of all ages.  The combination of young and mature voices produces a truly unique sound.

Phoenix, led by Jodi Swiggs, began in 2009 and since that time has performed at many competitions and events with an incredible level of skill and success.

Phoenix sings music that is challenging and but inspirational and fun.

We take pride in the way we get along as individuals and as a group and this feeling definitely shows through on stage, as audiences always find our performances emotionally uplifting and inspiring.

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