Private Vocal and Instrumental Lessons – 30 or 60 minutes
Private lessons are an intense one-on-one coaching session and are tailored specifically to the needs of the individual student.

Small Group Vocal Lesson – 30, 45 or 60 minutes
This type of lesson is ideal for students who work well in a group or would like to develop their confidence as a soloist, while developing skills such as harmonising, blending and learning the dynamics of singing in a group.

Music Theory
If you want to Sight Read/Sing or improve your general theory skills, our Director has an excellent theory base to teach beginners through to advanced levels of Music Theory.
Theory can be taught as a private lesson, in small groups or incorporated as part of an instrumental/vocal lesson.

Songwriting Lessons
If you would like to try composing, we can help you with lyric and melody construction, chord progressions and how to structure a song.

Stage and Performance Skills
Our Teachers have all had years of experience in various genres of music performance.  If you have a performance or exam coming up and want help with your stagecraft/performance skills, you can book one-off lessons that focus on these aspects.  Some of the topics covered are microphone technique, stage presence, performance interpretation, connecting with your audience and performance Do’s and Don’ts.

Our teachers hold workshops specialising in basic and advanced instrumental and vocal technique, stage presence and performance skills, microphone technique and more.
The idea of these workshops is to improve student confidence and develop the skills required to execute a successful performance every time.

Ensembles and Performance Groups
We a have a range of vocal ensembles to suit singers of every age.  Have a look at the ‘Vocal Ensembles’ Tab to find out more information.

One-off Lessons (non-enrolled student)
These lessons are designed for people who are not enrolled with Phoenix Music Studios.  If you have a performance coming up, this is a great way to book a couple of lessons to work on your performance and polish up your skills and performance technique.


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