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Fees and Information


Fees & Enrolment Conditions: Feature

Individual Lessons

All fees with Phoenix teachers are charged at a flat rate per term inclusive of GST.  Standard lessons are 30 minutes each week and run during the school term. Invoices will be distributed via email in the first few weeks of each term.  Payment terms are strictly 14 days, however we are happy to discuss and pre-arrange payment by regular instalments if negotiated.  

Prices are set per teacher, and are as follows for 2024:

     Jodi Swiggs                  $400.00 per term

     Scott Maxwell               $450.00 per term  

     Nanni Calandro           $450.00 per term 

     Hannah Morrison         $350.00 per term                            15 minute lesson pricing (4-9 year olds):                            

     Lily Mawson                  $350.00 per term                            Lily Mawson             $21 per lesson

     Levi Ramsey                  $320.00 per term                            Levi Ramsey            $19 per lesson

     Monique Holmes         $300.00 per term                            Monique Holmes    $16 per lesson

     Ryan Creedy                 $300.00 per term                            Ryan Creedy            $16 per lesson

                                                 *All prices are inclusive of GST

PLEASE NOTE the above term fees does not break down to a weekly amount.  Our term fee structure includes the lesson themselves, and also planning and preparation for each student, time spent by teachers researching music, downloading backing tracks, photocopying, competition and exam preparation, supervision, concert planning and rehearsals and much more!

Vocal Ensembles

**All fees are charged at a flat rate per term and are inclusive of GST.

      Fireflies (4-8yo)                        $175/term     

      Rise (Years 3-6)                        $145/term

     Flame (Years 7-10)                   $145/term

     Phoenix (Yr 11-adult)               $165/term

(Above ages are a guide only and individual needs are taken into consideration.)

Yearly Enrolment Fee

Payable at the commencement of each year.  Includes: Copyright and licensing fees, theory marking and preparation, backing tracks and sheet music.  

         Single:       $35 (incl. GST)            Family:       $50 (incl. GST)

**By completing the online Enrolment, you agree to all the terms and conditions

set out for Phoenix Music Studios.**

Terms and Conditions of Enrolment

Fees & Enrolment Conditions: Feature

Payment Terms

Invoices will be sent via email each term. Payment is required within 14 days of the invoice date. Payment by regular instalment is available upon discussion with the Director.  In the case of outstanding accounts, lessons will cease until the account is paid and outstanding accounts will be referred to a debt collector. Please note, all accounts will be emailed unless other arrangements are made. If postage is required, please note additional fees will be applied.


Student Absences

Cancellations made by students up to 6pm the day prior to a lesson will go on a list to be made up at the next available opportunity.  Parents will be contacted via text message when a make up lesson becomes available.  If this opportunity is not utilised by the student, no further opportunities will be offered.  Missed lessons are non-refundable and will not be credited.  If less than the required notice is given, no make up lesson will be offered. These lessons are non-refundable and will not be credited. 
In the event of a teacher being unable to attend a lesson, another teacher may take the lesson, or the lesson will be made up at a later time.

Late Arrivals

Students arriving late will not have their lesson time extended, nor will the lesson be refunded or made up.

Student Expectations

Students are expected to arrive punctually to lessons.

Singers must have their folders/lyrics and a blank USB or ability to access dropbox/onedrive.    
Instrumental students must have their books and their instrument in good working order. 
Students are expected to (where possible) take part in all Studio activities, concerts and performances. 
Students are expected to practice their instrument. The required practice time is different for each student and parents are encouraged to discuss this with their child’s teacher.

Termination of Lessons

Phoenix Music Studios reserves the right to terminate a student's tuition based on student or parent behavior, excessive late fees, non-attendance of classes or other reasons which they see fit.

Use of Photographic / Music / Video Footage

Phoenix Music Studios may use video or photographic footage of students in social media, TV, newspaper and social media for promotional or advertising purposes.

**By completing the online Enrolment, you agree to all the terms and conditions

set out for Phoenix Music Studios.**

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